We Treat

Every child overcoming preventable diseases to live their fullest quality of life

PKF Advanced Care Referral Program

Under this program, we take on medical kids whose conditions cannot be handled in medical camps but rather they need a acute settings in major hospitals. Some of them need to be on lifetime medication for example tumor management, organ related diseases, and much more. We are able to cater for their medical and physical needs such as treatment, surgeries, food, clothes and later on vocational training, educational support and economic empowerment.

We also get referrals from community leaders from diverse rural communities to step in and save different children with different Medical needs but lack the finances to save their lives – giving them a safe haven and Medical help they urgently need.

Some children are on lifetime medication requiring monthly doctor visits and lab work. Hence they receive continuous support while others are not, because they are just one-time surgeries and gradual healing takes place thereafter.

You might not save the entire world but for each PKF child you serve, you save their world.

Good health is one of the most important ingredients for a happy and productive life. Yet, many children and impoverished communities do not have access to health care, let alone quality health care causing them to live in devastating conditions that spread diseases that would have been prevented, which then leads to pain and suffering or even premature death.

As an organization we specialize in providing rarely accessible medical support to children in underprivileged life circumstances whose bodies urgently need medical help yet whose economic status lacks the financial ability to save their lives.

Any child we take in our care requires commitment and full dedication from start of medical treatment until fully recovered. Their bodies require advanced care through desperately needed medical help.

Some need chemotherapy, some initial surgical procedures, others continued surgery to finalize a procedure they once had but no funds to continue, for example colostomy reversal, deformities and other organ failure. Full dedication to their Medical care reminds them that their lives are worth fighting for and reminds them they too are loved despite their medical challenges.

We conduct Medical Camps and Outreaches under  the program of Beyond Medical Missions. These are aimed at reaching underserved communities with quality services thus bridging health gaps in many lives. We bring a team of volunteers to Africa to serve in our Annual Medical Camps.

We also Educate on disease prevention under the theme “Prevention is better than cure” where we teach people on Hygiene, nutrition.

They are seen. They are Valued

They are worth fighting for