Thank YOU for an Impactful 2022

Considered the “St. Jude of Uganda”, Precious Kids Foundation is a 501(C)3 charity organization providing Orphans and kids with FREE Rarely accessible medical treatment.

Through your donations, YOU have provided for the urgently needed chemotherapy, surgical procedures and acute medical treatment of many children in Uganda’s impoverished communities.

Most children in these impoverished communities are faced with life-threatening medical conditions, yet they lack the financial ability to get the life-saving and urgent medical care that their little bodies need to save their lives.

That is where YOU have come in to save lives, and WE THANK YOU!

As a donor to Precious Kids Foundation, the Money donated becomes the LIFE-LINE to provide life-saving medical care to these little ones.

Countless children turn to Precious Kids Foundation seeking FREE, rarely accessible medical care during their unimaginable life-threatening medical conditions and because of YOUR donations, they are helped WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

As the year ends, we kindly request that you consider sending us a GENEROUS DONATION to help start some pending surgeries for those kids still waiting for funding to support their medical care. YOU have an opportunity to change this trajectory for a medical child living in Uganda’s impoverished communities.

By donating BEFORE 11:59 pm December 31st 2022, your gift will not only provide the life saving medical support for a child currently in urgent need of medical care, however, your End of Year donation will also be considered by IRS as a 2022 Tax Deduction in accordance with the IRS law.

And beyond IRS law, YOUR HEART will find joy and fulfilment in Knowing that YOU are the miracle a child has been praying for.

Please click below to send a Generous End of Year Donation to Save a Child’s life.

Below are some photos of kids who once needed either chemotherapy, surgery or acute medical treatment and now whose lives have been saved by generous donations.

Before Medical Support | After Treatment