Support a Single Mother

Empower a single mother to empower her community

Teach them how to fish

Empower a Woman

An African proverb says that  “It takes a Village to raise a child”
When we empower and provide support to a Widow or a Single mother, we empower and support the household, the orphans and the community Natured by her.

Teach Them How To Fish

This is our PKF Women Empowerment Program equipping Windows and single mothers with life skill for Economic self sustainability.

Long term and transformational self sustainability is achieved not by giving a “hand down”, but by empowering them as we “Teach Them How to Fish”

Some of these key skills include identifying, training and grooming them in their natural talents, and business training, providing them with micro loans to productively further their small business. Teaching them new life skills such as Reading and Writing so that they too can make a difference at home as well as life coaching skills to help them overcome any limitations so as to thrive and achieve self actualization and transform their lives, their communities, and the nation.

Empower a Woman, Empower a Community, Advance a Nation
We strongly believe that when women are given the right tools for development they can thrive and the entire community will benefit.
We avail them with skills training like weaving, tailoring, craftmaking, hair dressing skills as well as best farming practices.

We also focus on inspiring positive change, improve health and livelihoods of these single mothers and Widows because we know empowering a woman empowers those around her. Behind her are many other lives empowered and sustained.


You are Capable

You are Capable
Poverty has robbed many women of their dignity. It has caused great low self esteem challenges in many of these women some of whom have then endured domestic violence.

The women go through sessions of Financial literacy, Life skills, Communication skills, leadership skills, Proper farming skills, Creative skills, and also form Saving and Investment clubs, at the end of which they are able to afford providing for themselves even for the kids they support.

Since most of them don’t have the formal education to attain gainful employment, Our goal is for many Widows and Single mothers to be trained in diverse Enterprenuership skills so as to provide for themselves and as a way to provide for their families.

PKF Adult Literacy Program

4.9 Million counts for Uganda’s Illiterate population out of 14 million.. with 64% of them being women especially in rural communities

Many women in rural areas do not know how to read and write. This has been a burden in supporting their kids with even simple things as homework or accurately counting money in market places.

Many use color thumbprints just to sign on a document and they are not even able to read any legal contracts causing them to loose even the little property they might have.
At PKF we believe that these women can represent themselves BEYOND a thumbprint.

They can learn to read, write and communicate effectively, Internationally.


Food Support

PKF operates an annual food support program called The PKF Christams Food support.

PKF usually gives out food items during the Christmas festive season and in seasons that call for immediate action such as the pandemic season to the families we serve and other underserved in the communities where we operate.

The vulnerable children households we serve are usually faced with food scarcity and no balanced diet  because many do not earn a lot to support their families, but it worsened due to the pandemic because many were less prepared for an epidemic outbreak of this proportion, this therefore brought fears of more likely to experience higher mortality rates, high malnutrition and low immunity to disease, and especially worse for those with already compromised immunity like the chemotherapy patients we serve and those with HIV Aids.

We are pleased to continue serving the vulnerable through bridging gaps in Education, Health, Economic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Creative Arts, capacity building and International cultural exchange programs all of which are aimed to Treat, Educate and Empower for self-sustainability