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With an estimated 6.9 million adults illiterate in Uganda, 5.5 million of them women and 1.4 million men. At Precious Kids Foundation, Education is a key component in the core and mission of our organization. 
In this 21st century, every child needs and deserves to have the ability to read, write and communicate Internationally. 

At PKF, every child is given an opportunity to attend school and pursue their dreams for higher learning and vocational training.

When you teach a child, you will have an educated and constructive adult citizen.


In our Vocational training centers, individual attention is given to each child to nurture their God given skills and talents, allowing them to shine bright in their own space.


We also educate Widows and Single Mothers we serve through Vocational and Adult Learning Centers, giving them an opportunity to catch up and learn the basic necessary communication skills. 

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